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We have recognized over 400 great local student athletes since 1972. Below you will find the names of all of those outstanding players.
 Year  Player Name  Player School
1972 Don McGee Eden
1973 Jerry Martin St. Francis
1974 Pat O'Brien Kenmore East
1975 Tom Blinco Lewiston Porter
1976 Jim Rath Frontier
1977 Frank Rossi Baker Victory
1978 Brian Ross Niagara Wheatfield
1979 Mike Leavell St. Francis
1980 Tony Baker Springville
1981 Dane Hightower O'Hara
1982 Berto Amoroso Jamestown
1983 Daryl Johnston Lewiston Porter
1984 Dan Mettica Williamsville South
1985 Tom Sheehan Timon
1986 Ray Braxton Lackawanna
1987 Trevor Sajdak Cleveland Hill
1988 Jim Snyder Medina
1989 Chris George Springville
1990 Randy Smith Lockport
1991 Bob McDonnell Grand Island
1992 Cory Schemm Maryvale
1993 Warren Miles Lackawanna
1994 David Hinson Jamestown
1995 Dennis Martin Lake Shore
1996 Dave Schmidli Wilson
1997 Frank Pavicich Niagara Wheatfield
1998 Sandro DeAngelis St. Joe's
1999 Joe West Lackawanna
2000 Aaron Leeper Jamestown
2001 Mike Radon St. Francis
2002 Jehuu Caulcrick Clymer
2003 Keien Williams Eden
2004 Zak Kedron St. Francis
2005 Naaman Roosevelt St. Joe's
2006 Curtis Underwood Lackawanna
2007 Jeff Tundo Orchard Park
2008 Capone Smith Lackawanna
2009 Zack Sopak Southwestern
2010 Joe Licata Williamsville South
2011 Chad Kelly St. Joe's
2012 Corey Barczykowski Alden
2013 Jake Sisson Jamestown
2014 Stephen Carlson Jamestown
2015 Tyree Brown South Park
2016 Isaiah McDuffie Bennett
We have honored 10 finalists per year since 1972, click below to see a list of all of those great athletes.

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